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How to visit Chek Jawa

Boardwalk (free) (7th July 2007) - the public can visit Chek Jawa between 8.30am - 6.00pm every day.

See the Visitor Centre (House No. 1), the Viewing Jetty, the Mangrove and Coastal Loop Boardwalks (>1km), and the 21-metre high Jejawi Tower. Fro details, see WildSingapore.

Dec 2001 - Reclamation at Chek Jawa has been deferred. A visitor management system by NParks is functioning with the help of volunteer guides.

In order to ensure the long-term survival of Chek Jawa, a fixed number of people will be allowed onto the tidal flats during low spring tides and a booking system will be initiated.

When can I visit Chek Jawa Wetlands?
You can visit from 8.30am to 6.00pm every day. Please remain on the boardwalk at all times for safety and to reduce impact.

There is more to see during a low tide so check for a low tide before your visit.

How do I get to Chek Jawa?
By van and bicycling to Chek Jawa...

I want to walk on the shore not the boardwalk
Access is restricted to reduce impact. Register for the special guided walks - visit the NParks website every 1st of Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec for quaterly dates.

How should I prepare for a visit?
Read these guidelines for an enjoyable visit.

Courtesies during a visit to Chek Jawa
Be a responsible visitor...

What can I see at Chek Jawa?
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More Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some common questions

More Information
See the online guide at WildSingapore

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Singaporeans are still clamouring to visit! The system adopted for low tide walks on the seashore is as follows: on the first of the month before every quarter, the suitable low tide dates for the next quarter are released on the NParks webpage: i.e. 1st Dec (dates in Jan-Mar), 1st Mar (dates in Apr-Jun), 1st Jun (dates in Jul-Sep) and 1st Sep (dates in Oct-Dec).

Pick a suitable date and either call the Pulau Ubin Hotline (Tel: 6542-4108) or visit the NParks Information Kiosk at Pulau Ubin between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm to book a visit. Spaces are limited, so do keep trying if you do not get a place right away. Note that block bookings are not allowed.