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What should I prepare for a visit to Chek Jawa?
(This refers to the registration-only guided shore visits)

Pre-book your group with NParks. All visitors to Chek Jawa are now required to report to the NParks Information Desk at Ubin Village. For more details visit the NParks Chek Jawa website.

Drinking water, at least one litre per person! There are no shops, toilets or other facilities near Chek Jawa.
If you are cycling to Chek Jawa, bring extra water as cycling is hot thirsty work.

Wear booties, or closed shoes with laces and hard soles. Please DO NOT walk barefoot on Chek Jawa. Besides glass and metal litter; there are catfish, stonefish, sea urchins and other creatures who will defend themselves in an unpleasant manner should you accidentally step on them.

While out on Chek Jawa, do keep an eye on the time so you are not caught off guard by the in-coming tide. It becomes more stressful to walk back at tide levels above 0.7m—particularly if you are carrying cameras and other things that you don't want to get wet:-)

Bring a spare change of clothes, or at least a t-shirt. Be prepared for wet weather - never know when it rains. If there is lightning, stay off the flats.

Bring a haversack for your valuables and water.

You will be comfortable walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Bring insect repellent or be prepared to make a blood donation :-)

You will need a torch for visits after sundown (6.45pm onwards). Make sure these have fresh batteries.

There is a well nearby to wash up. But there are no toilets or other amenities. Last toilet stop at Changi jetty or Ubin jetty.

Why not print out the guide sheets on the flora and fauna on Chek Jawa? So you can have a better idea of what you can see. Or bring along a copy of "A Guide to Seashore Life" by Dr Leo W H Tan and Peter K L Ng, published by the Singapore Science Centre. Available at $5 for most bookstores.