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Reclamation has been postponed!! for more details on the postponement...
... this page has the first reactions to the news

Chek Jawa has been granted a reprieve!
Wonderful!!! Some good news for a change.

What a wonderful Christmas and New Year present from MND - even the starfishes on the beach are smiling I bet!

Wonderful wonderful! This is fantastic news! Good, good; this is going to do wonders in motivating many young Singaporeans to contribute to nature, because now they know that their efforts need not be in vain :-)
What a wonderful Christmas present for us all. Thanks for the unexpected good news. Let's celebrate!!!

This is great news!
The perfect Christmas present for nature lovers!
Dear Uncle Siva,
We read about the fate of Chek Jawa and we think that this is a great Christmas present for all nature lovers. Happy holidays!
Regards, Annika, little red boots!
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