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Deferment & progress at Chek Jawa
Dec 2001 - Jan 2002 and developments since

Public Education

Ongoing research at Chek Jawa, 2007-8

  • Mortality & Recruitment project: blog.

Boardwalk launch at Chek Jawa, 7th July 2007

Boardwalk and adoptions at Chek Jawa 2004 - 2005

Research and education, 2002 - 2005

Reclamation at Pulau Ubin deferred, 14 Jan 2002

New rules in place for visits to Chek Jawa, 26 Dec 2001
Too many visitors now the most immediate threat!

Reclamation at Chek Jawa deferred, 20 Dec 2001

Reactions to this news, 24-28 Dec 2001

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