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by N. Sivasothi
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Outdoor classroom
Its safe and easy access, aesthetically pleasing views and magnificent biodiversity against a backdrop of a rustic island has prompted Shawn Lum, Vice-President of NSS and a biology lecturer at NIE/NTU, to repeatedly advocate Chek Jawa's potential as a living classroom. It will provide the possibility "to conduct a multitude of lesson and activities on biodiversity, physical geography, mangrove ecology, eco-tourism development and so much more. The possibilities are endless!"

Nature enthusiasts making the best of a bad situation by actively encouraging their more urbanised friends gather for a last visit. Others report that their most unlikely friends have approached them to organise a trip to Chek Jawa.

Parents, reminiscing scenes from their carefree youth are making the effort to visit. They are are sharing the scene with their children, who have grown up relatively isolated from nature. Enthusiastic teachers are bringing down students in great numbers. Several more webpages have sprung up.

And after three salvage collection trips for their collection, the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research of the National University of Singapore is organising educational visits during the school holidays in order to maximise the educational use of the land before it disappears forever.

Sea Hare

Fiddler Crab

Fan Worm

How did we miss Chek Jawa?>>
  Sivasothi, N. 2001. Chek Jawa, lost forever? Asian Geographic, 10: 12-25.
This article appeared in Asian Geographic: Journal of our Environment (Sep-Oct 01 issue)

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